A Little Paul David Tripp Goodness

I first discovered Paul Tripp in the videos that my mom reviews before she leads her Griefshare evenings. He was the one that most seemed to connect with my heart and my understanding when I would listen (Since i was usually sitting in the same room) and so i was fascinated to see he had both a blog and a series of books as well. I am going to take a glimpse at some of his books that are available for perusal on Amazon and see if something jumps out to keep rememberance of.

How People Change

Often there is a vast gap in our grasp of the gospel. It subverts our identity as Christians and our understanding of the present work of God. This gap undermines every relationship in our lives, the decision s we make, and every attempt to minister to others. Yet we live blindly, as though the hole were not there.

It is in the hear and now that many of us experience a spiritual blindness. Our sight is dimmed by the tyranny of the urgent, by the siren call of success, by the seductive beauty of physical things, by our inability to admit our own problems, and by the casual relationships within the body of Christ that we mistakenly call fellowship. This blindness is often encouraged by preaching that fails to take the gospel to the specific challenges people face. People need to see the gospel belongs in their kitchen, workplace, schoolyard, bedroom, backyard and even the van. They need to see the way the gospel makes a connection between what they are doing and what God is doing.They need to understand that their life stories are being lived out within God’s larger story so that they can learn to live each day with a gospel mentality.

The’here and now’ hole in the middle of our lives produces three fundamental forms of spiritual blindness.  First, there is the blindness of identity. My Christians do not have a gospel perspective on who they are….The lack of gospel identity shows up in two ways: First, many Christians underestimate the presence and power of indwelling sin.They don’t see how easily trapped they are in the world full of snares. …They are not aware of how prone they are to run after God replacements. They fail to see that their greatest problems exist within them, not outside them.

Many believes fail to see the other side of their gospel identity, their identity in Christ. Christ not only gives forgiveness and a whole new future, but a whole new identity as well. I am not a child of God with all the rights and privaledges this bestows. this is important because each of us lives out some sense of identity, and our gospel identity amnesia will always lead to some form of identity replacement. That is, if who i am in Christ does not shape the way that I think about myself and the things I face, then I will live out of some other identity.

Often in our blindness, we take on our problems as identities. While divorce, depression and single parenthood are significant human experiences they are NOT identities. Our work is NOT our identity although it is an important part of how God intends us to live. For too many of us, our sense of identity is rooted in performance rather than in God’s grace. …when you use your success to define who you are, you will always have a distorted perspective.


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