an achievable 8%

when i was reading some of the entries that Anne Lamott has posted on facebook i was intrigued by the concept of 8% that she espoused. it went something like this:

“Have tried to do Annie and Sam 8% plan, and have been successful eating 8% healthier than I might have otherwise, walked 8% farther according to my trust $4 pedometer, stayed in the bat cave for 8% longer each morning, but today have had 4 desserts. Four. (4). So now I’m trying to be 8% kinder and more forgiving towards myself. Things just got away from me.”

I love this idea…8% in most things is achievable…whether its something that you are aiming at or something you need to extend grace to yourself in, i think its inspiring…not 100% that seems so unattainable or 5% that seems like barely trying but just enough to get you out there, making a change, taking a chance…i like that idea.


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