Dandelion Diamonds

Dandelion Diamonds

my mom went to a ladies conference this weekend and she brought home a cd of the lady who led the worship. One of her songs is entitled ‘Dandelions’ and some of the words really spoke to me.

“I must admit, i never noticed all those/Diamonds on the grass/while i’ve been looking for a rose/ but i guess that’s just your magic in the rain/that’s your way, you’re just redecorating the mundane/The dandelions on the wind, watching how they blow”

and she spoke about how when you are young dandelions and the way that they can be blown upon the wind are so enthralling, and we lose that magic when we are older and just see them as a nuisance…and how God can open our eyes to things that we’ve never seen before but have been right before us all along.


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