just my imagination…running away with me


its hard to describe

although the poets before have got it all down

one romantic to another

wordsworth and browning, such beautiful thoughts
and yet what floats around in my mind

longs to be put down on paper
and i feel like my words aren’t enough

i can’t really paint a picture of it either

i’m sure i’ve felt this way before, i just don’t remember

my cheeks color when i see you
i mess up the simplest things cause i can’t think straight
i smile bigger, my cheeks probably flushed crimson signal i’ve got a crush

if only that one day you didn’t have a ring

and i didn’t have to wonder

and then i get to thinking

why would you ever consider me,
why would this go any farther then flirting every day

its only in my head

it will never be in real life

and there is so much in the air, so much i don’t know

an infatuation built on how kind you are to me (is it out of pity)
and how you smile when you see me (is it because i amuse you in my flustered ways)

and i can’t get past that first day
when i said ‘you look just like my friend’ ‘what’s his name’ ‘umm.i can’t remember’ ‘clearly you wre good friends’

and thus the teasing began…

and i started to anticipate you. and missed you when i wasn’t present. and somehow my heart would leap

or perhaps just my expectations or foolish heart

when i saw you, heard you…spoke with you

thank you, for your smile, for your kinds ways…for taking pity on a poor infatuated girl

and giving her something to sigh about, and dream about…and try to get over.


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