What does caring less look like?

How does one care less without givimg up altogether on something?

One day I was talking to my managers about some things that were frustrating me at work…and I was so upset I staryed crying.

One of my managers said “It’s refreshing to see someone who cares so much” and I responded,”I wish I didn’t care!”

Part of the reason I get so stressed at work is because I see so many people not caring and that reflects on the kind and type of job we do and the impression we leave on our customers.

One lady standing in line when I worked said “this is the slowest Starbucks in the city”…that made me mad cause I try my best and I hate that is what is going around about us.

Someone once told me that i’m too sensitive and that I shouldn’t take things personally. After all ‘it is just coffee’, and yet after 6 years I can’t seem to get that.

And so I wonder what does caring a reasonable amount look like? What does being responsible for myself inspite/despite others look like? How do I care less without changing the core of who I am and just feeling despair that things just won’t change


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