highs and lows

there are times when I find myself reading another blog and I find myself nodding along because it seems like I’m reading the very words that I want to write upon the page, but perhaps I didn’t have the words, or perhaps it hadn’t been revealed to me in those terms yet. One of the people who I love to read is Serena Woods at Grace is for Sinners. I haven’t been reading her blog long enough to totally get her whole story, but I do know that she rights TRUTH and she lives this truth because of her own experience with the need for so much grace in her journey of life. Here are some quotes from the blogpost i read most recently of hers.

Sometimes the highs are so high that it makes the lows devastating. We’ve asked for so much and received more than we asked so we say we’ll let the lows slide. We won’t talk about those. But the lows get so long that we stop talking altogether. We sink within ourselves and become forgetful. We forget where we were going. We forget what it felt like to know.

We forget that we can pray about this, too. God doesn’t divide His grace. Grace, like His love, renews itself every morning. Yesterday’s grace was for yesterday. Today’s is for today.

You don’t have to ration your pain to Him. He can take all of it. He can take your doubt, your forgetfulness, you weakness, and your apathy. He can take anything you dish out because He sees past all that. He sees His you.

Read more: http://www.graceisforsinners.com/#ixzz1zfxzbaSJ

And i love that part that God doesn’t divide his grce and that He can take what we are going through…what we have to bring before him.

Sometimes those lows look so low, and we are so quick to forget that there ever was a high. We wonder where He is, but don’t realize its us who have turned our backs, who have yet to call on Him, to acknowledge He is THERE in the midst of it all, He will “never leave us nor forsake us” (Heb 13:5b) [In the NLT it says “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.]


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