discard to embrace

its hard to describe the feeling

knowing that each time you visit you discard more of who you were to embrace who you now are.

and for many years, this has been your way. embracing a simpler existence in order to fill your time and life with things that matter more

life moments rather then material things

and looking around we’ve got a problem with that. Holding on to memories, moments, times that perhaps will never come again. And yet the promise of ‘what if’ seems to have us held in a holding pattern.

drowning under objects, when memories are fully competely and alot less physical baggage to carry arond.

and so you pack up, throw away and give away, and each trip less of ‘you’ remains and it hurts a bit, wears on our hearts…causes us to bleed for what was, and have a hard time embracing that this is who you ARE not who you used to be and all those things you are lessening in your own life, are material things that really reflect nothing of who YOU are…and who you are BECOMING.

and so with fingers that struggle to hold on to what seems like grains of sand, we surrender your desires and you own devices to getting rid of things that we have no hold on, we just feel that with each purging, there is a little more of you slipping away, and we wonder what you will return to one day if all of this is gone.


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