what’s going on?

If nothing in your life seems to be changing, that’s usually the result of your actions not changing. I know, that seems like common sense, but how many sensible things are you aware of, yet don’t put into action? I certainly don’t always follow my own advice, or live in harmony with every inspiring quote that I post on facebook. In fact, recently, i’ve been feeling stuck. I feel like i should’ve started on alot of things long, long ago. I feel like I should’ve jumped on countless opportunities that I never did. And its not that I literally said ‘no’, but rather, my sub-concious said ‘yes, one day’. ‘Yes, one day’ is not the same as ‘yes’….HUGE difference. However, your mind can trick you into believing they are the same. Its lke when you announce your big plans to do that really cool thing…you’re saying YES outloud for all to hear. Yes. I’ve decided. I’m doing this. And maybe you will. But start, until you do, what you’ve really said is ‘day’. And there’s nothing wong with planning to start somethng on a future date, unless you get to that point, as I have, where it seems lke too much time has passed. Time marches on in what cn feel like a freakishly accelerated manner. And before you know it, your grand ideas and plans have evolved into nothing more thn fleeting thoughts. I’ve realized that in order for my life to change, i need to approach each day with the idea that i’m going to do things differently.

– ‘Changing what you’ve always done’ – Denise  (Nurturing Creativity – personal development)


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