Last night was …

Last night was week 3 of our study on Lies Women Believe. We looked at lies we believe about ourselves. It was interesting, because just yesterday I wrote my letter to my body, and in it I was working through some personal issues.

And one of the lies we looked at was ‘you have to love yourself’. in some sense, I get that…when people are saying ‘well when i love myself i’ll do this…’ or ‘its okay that i treat myself this way, i don’t love myself’…it seems like an excuse. and I wonder if i”ll ever get away from that. When I have broken up in relationships in the past (and most recently) my mom always says to me, ‘take a year to heal, to find who you are again’ and I understand what she is saying, but I also struggle. Because if i’m forever searching for myself through my own means, it will probably be a never ending journey.

We were advised to love God and we will love others because of Him and through that learn to love who He’s made us to be? (Something like that) Because if we are always focused on trying to learn to love ourselves, we will always be looking inward and miss all the awesome moments that we can be a part of and love to be a part of and love that we were able to miister in that area, and perhaps that will give us some eyes into who we were crafted to be.

I always struggle with my purpose. The end purpose of man is to glorify GOd… i hear and yet all my selfish being cries out that I want more. and yet what will that more get me? I can’t see a way of surviving on merey glorifying God, although maybe I don’t have any idea of what that can look like. Perhaps in whatever task i’m involved in, the conversations that I have as well as the actions that I do, those things can be done for the glory of God.



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