Money used wisely

I have been thinking about my 33rd birthday in September. Usually I like to dress up,go out for dinner and tgen do something low key. There is s gorgeous new restaurant that opened up and I just bought a lovely new dress and I thought of partying it up.

But then some part of me said “whoa,wait a second” and I got to think about the ways dpending this money or celebrating could be helpful to someone else. Kind of like what Niki has done in the past with the art and desert benefit going towards different charities she supports.

And on Aaron’s blog, he and Emily were discussing kingdom investments and how there are things that you can use to provide for yourself-but what if you believed God did big things and you asked him to provide as you choose to use your money for kingdom purposes.
I’m not saying its like a trade off, but God does also bless those who give to Him what is already His. His blessing is not perhaps a favouring but rather an acknowledgement of the true sacrifice of the individual. At least that is my understanding at the momemt.


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