When you feel a nudge to do something and you spend a lot of time ignoring the nudge, it doesn’t go away. Instead, it works itself into a tight ball and thrashes about in your stomach until you have to rename it. Compulsion.

…But what we now call a book, started as a nudge I couldn’t shake, ignore, outrun or get rid of. this message that started rolling around in my heart so many years ago felt like an invisible, boundary-less, unexplainable something.

It was terrifying because a compulsion to write or share a message doesn’t come with answers or partners or support. It seems to show up solitary and bossy. The Lord comes with it, though. And the part that continues to amaze and delight me is that he rarely nudges us alone. We say one small yes and then another, and soon our paths cross with other people saying their small yes’s too.

– ‘How your small yes, can have a big impact’, Emily Freeman (Chatting at the Sky)


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