the trail of beauty

A calling does not depend on a dream coming true.

Escape vs Influence. Sometimes dreams begin from a desire to escape something: a job you hate, a difficult diagnosis, a longing for love. But if we really examine them, there could be a bit of true calling hidden within the dream. In other words, a dream may be something you think of to escape hard things. A calling is something you can’t escape no matter how hard you may try. When I dream, I feel more like I’m watching a movie; when I am called, I’m one of the actors.

A calling may begin as a dream. You are called to a message not a method…but a particular message. Because I believe in my calling, I will share the message in an e-book, in a small group, as a speaker, on a blog or in any way possible.

For me, the opportunity opened up for me to share that message in a book in the traditional publishing way. But no matter what, I was going to share the message. Pay attention to the desires of your heart. Why do we insist on feeling guilty for those things we dream of? God has placed his desires in your heart, and he is calling them out of you. Are you keeping your dreams locked away in the name of being reasonable? Or are you willing to be honest about them and lay them out in the open before the God who may have actually placed them there?

How much more will he take care of you then? If he brings beauty into the world through these, how much more will he allow wonder and beauty and miracles to be produced in us, through us, from his hand? When we allow ourselves to dream, God takes sweet delight in reaching into them and grabbing by the fistful, shaping, moulding, changing, bringing out the beautiful.

*Calling often comes from a shattered dream. Nobody likes this one, but it may be the most important. Sometimes the calling comes out of a beautiful dream and sometimes it comes out of brokenness. Heartache. Death. Loss. Disappointment. Is it possible that God can still bring out the beauty? Jesus says yes, says fruit comes when the seed is planted and broken and dies. The story of God is built upon the beauty made, then destroyed, then re-made better. There is bondage, but then freedom. There is blindness, but then sight. There is death, but then resurrection.

“Learning to leave a trail of beauty”, Emily Freeman (Chatting at the Sky)


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