out of the fear, into the dream

But beauty? Beauty I can do. Because really, the dreams we imagine are simply our longing for beautiful. And many times we don’t pursue them because we simply aren’t called to do so. But other times we don’t pursue them because what if they aren’t so beautiful after all. God places His dreams in us. And then he calls them out of us.

A lot of my frustration comes from spinning my wheels outside of that intimate and organic connection with the heart of God. I believe there is always more. Not necessarily bigger, but more. We have been given everything we need for life and godliness ( 1 Peter1:3), but we don’t dare experience it all. There are big dreams of great influence and small dreams, also of great influence. God sees them all, and he calls us out of  our fear and into the dream.

For me, a dream has a floaty aspect to it, a sometime, someday preface. When it begins to emerge as a calling, fear always comes with it. But with the fear, there is holy excitement, an anticipation for what is to come. And there is a grounded-ness to it, almost like the far-off is being pulled near with a strong hand.

– ‘Learning to leave a trail of beauty’, Emily Freeman (Chatting at the Sky)


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