His Beauty will be made known


It can be difficult in this world to find our approval in those who should know us best. It can be even more difficult to take the disappointment and place it where it belongs. .All too often we suck it in and let it dampen the life within – the dreams pounding out a rhythm so deep we only feel the tiny flutters reverberate against our rib cage and not the beating and scraping and dragging and exploding that happens on soul-level where things are born

Know this: the thing pulsing inside your veins was placed there for a reason and there is nothing – nothing that will stop it from coming out and showing its Beauty because He placed it there. It’s His Beauty that’s seen.

And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that despite the impossibility of our circumstances, He loves when His children find that magic spot of intersecting purpose with desire.

on purpose and identity by Elora Nicole