the mystery of it all

Jesus, the Redeemer
bringing us grace, hope and joy
born in such a state
that you wouldn’t look twice
or notice he was set apart
but he came from lowly means
to change and transform the world

and this change
and this transformation
was unlike they had imagined
teachings turned on its head
revolutionists confused by his purpose
peace instead of bloodshed
such a utterly bizarre way
to change and transform the world

we are nothing in ourselves
trodden in the daily up and down
of everday life
seeking to change and transform
and yet so disheartened by
what is expected of us
versus what we are called in our heart to

nd I wonder if
the same way that His joy
was first revealed to Mary and Joseph
and then to the shepherds
all meek and mild
that he appears in the meek and mild
of today

in the selfless giving of others
in the smile genuinely bestowed
in words of uplifting in the storm
if his change and transformation in this world
was more about our hearts
then a revolution in our countries
more about our relationships
then about changing the rules
more about being a reflection of Christ
to each other
than about judging each others faults

and i wonder
if for one moment
Christ may come
in a red suit
laden with packages
touching heart
with wishes and dreams

and i wonder
if in the midst of snowy beard
and red flannel suit
that Christ’s grace, peace and joy
reflected from the eyes
of this ‘angel’
into hearts needing this
to be changed and transformed
in this moment

by Janel written Dec 29/12 for my friend Holly Smothers Grantham. this poem expresses a tiny bit of what has been on my heart since that precious pre-Christmas miracle for you guys.


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