unfurling my once closed up wings

What is this stirring
keeping me afloat?
i feel something bubbling up
confines have been loosed
and i can breathe freely.
My heart begins to feel
unfamiliar pangs
the heat rising in my chest
a burn of passion
long ago surpressed
breaking through a wall
once forged so deep
it seemed unpenetrable
and my wings
so long remained locked in silence
begin to feel the flutter
of stretching muscles
so long dormant
like a new babe
struggling to balance on discovered legs
the flutter and pulse
brush my ear in a flurry
and I remember
how it used to feel to soar
eyes closed in the wonder
heart alive to the freedom
when did I begin to believe
that suppressing all of this
was for the best
with walls broken down
with wings unfurled
i feel a freedom
i’ve never known

janel a/ nov29.2012
Inspired by Neruda (again): “something started in my soul, fever or forgotten wings…” [wordcandy.me]


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