uncharacteristic brilliance

When Holly and Elizabeth were writing their most recent Adagio post ‘les Mains’ it spoke to me in a thousand different ways. As i wrote a response to Elizabeth I thought of several bible references to think of when reading but the one that most came to the forefront of my mind was when God hid Abraham in the cleft of a rock so that he could see the backside of God’s glory go by. This is my response (for the moment)

Part of what Elizabeth and Holly wrote:

And then, as always
You are here
the warming sun your canopy
and I must grab hold of your shadow
for fear of sinking deep into
the pools of light
left in your wake
for the day
it keeps moving
ray upon ray

and then I read the following verse:

Exodus 33:22 – …and while my glory passes by I will hide you in the crevice of the rock, and I will cover you with my hand until I have passed by.

My response:

In the midst of glory filled conversation
I ask to see your face
it is declared
‘no one can see my face and live’
and yet you promise a glimpse
of the backside of your glory
the edge of your robe
leaks glory into the cleft
lighting my face with your presence
something unknown to man
a brilliance so pure, they stare in fear
shrouded in veil to remember
encounters with the God most High
His tender care so obvious
in preserving my life
with the palm of his hand
sheltering me from death
if in my humanity I would try to look

by Janel A written Jan 15/2013

1 thought on “uncharacteristic brilliance

  1. Janel, this is glorious and wonderful. What beautiful lines you have penned here. I am privileged that you shared with me. So love where you went with this “Les Mains” piece. Its a pleasure to have you along for Adagio.

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