the wonder of it all

I see you standing there
lost in the moment
that for you lies
just beyond the window pane.
Your innocence
reminds me
that the world hasn’t always been
seen through jaded eyes.
There is still wonder in everyday objects
seen for the first time,
moments that fill you with wonder.
These things don’t cause me
to stop and notice any more.
I’m too busy ‘doing’ life
to stop and just be part of it.
I listen as you talk away
in your own little language,
telling me of those things
that bring such wonder
to your heart and soul.
I begin to wonder,
at what moment
did my heart become so cynical
that sometimes even a sunrise fails
to capture my attention
as worthy of awe.
I wonder
when this creation
of mind blowing proportion
begins to settle
into just merely being commonplace for me.
Its in the stopping
in the wonder of the moment
in seeing things
with fresh eyes
new eyes
un-jaded eyes
that the world is seen
truly seen
the wonder of it all.

by Janel Andrews Written Feb 7/2013


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