lenten reflections

its march 1st.

one month to go.

and what have i been DOING about lent.

i was reading about my friend not giving up food for lent, because she has struggled with an eating disorder, and i get that.

i gave up facebook cause i knew it took up too much time. and i went to it to write a message to someone who i hadn’t been able to get in touch with otherwise and then i went back to it cause there was a quote on a page i needed

oh how slippery the slope of giving something up and then slowly letting it creep back in with excuses that seem to nulllify what you are trying to do

and as i write those last words i realize i’ve got it all wrong. ‘what YOU are trying to do’

and i realize that in my own strength, this giving up, this changing of focus, can NOT be done. i’ll fail, i’ll fall, i’ll be tempted.

its only in HIS STRENGTH and reliance and eyes on him and everything in my hands surrendered that I can even hope to make this journey. and its supposed to be about learning more of him and less of me anyway.

so the journey continues. i don’t think i’ll ‘get it right’ but trying continues…journeying, surrendering, continues


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