Freedom through word

I put words
like sacred morsels
on their tongue




and the heat which begins to


shares truth
and fills a void
as this word


and begins to feed their souls
their heart begins to quicken

their words
begin to
pour out

their tongue begins to

words long hidden
words long forgotten
words pushed down deep
words that fear had held in bondage for so long
words that they had been told were blasphemy
words that they had been told were lies, mis-truth
words that didn’t want to be spoken again

that no one wanted to hear again
and yet
these words

                                      were truth

and as their voices rise

quiet at first
each word begins to speak

and as they find their voices
they begin
                   to shout
                                 to yell
                                            to scream

those words that had one held them so
so strongly
                   with a grip,
like a vise

words that had
brought their heads down
had laid them low
                                had caused them to be broken
and their hearts to no longer beat in rhythm

and as they fight
                             and as they stand
as their chains fall off
                                     as they face liberation

words rise up
in cacophony and surround them

and in this stream of words
in this cloud of words

they see
an image
that will
no longer be disregarded
but rather
seen by all

an image of who they are
                                            and who they are becoming

by Janel Andrews. Written down Mar 7/2013

(these words came to me on my drive home from work today. I turned on my voice recorder and this is what poured out of me. I am blessed.)

4 thoughts on “Freedom through word

  1. Janelle, thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry. What a clever way to capture the words stored up so that they can be penned on the page. So love the formats, pacing and the meaning you weave here.

  2. Janelle, I’m the lucky lady who is your neighbor at Emily’s this week.. so grateful your link led me here to soak in these amazing words. Thank you.

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