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Remembering isn’t something that I find hard to do. Perhaps though it might be easier sometimes to come up with the memories that I’m not so fond of rather then that good ones, but I’m trying to work on that. I have a very vivid imagination as well as a visual memory and so there are a good many moment stored away in my brain.

I always find it interesting when stories of the past come up when talking with my parents. Sometimes they will tell me about their own experiences growing up or about something that happened when I was young. There are times when I have remembered something with the words that were said or perhaps a person I met and things will come back to me. Sometimes I’ll find myself saying, ‘that totally reminds me of this time…’ and i’ll remember a story from my life journey thus far.

Remembrance however is not always a good thing for me. i have a tendency to hold on to the past, instead of embracing the present and looking forward to the future. i know that the past has molded and shaped me, and looking back I’m thankful for most of it. But at the same time there are moments and memories that I just can’t seem to let go of. Generally these are things that perhaps would be be worked through with a counselor or journalling and it takes the most random events to set me off.

Lately i’ve been remembering the abusive patterns in my ex-boyfriend’s home. I have been remembering the disheartening experience it was to leave college when i realized that i just couldn’t be a teacher. I remember some of the good times we had on our trip this past summer in Algonquin. I remember the laughter shared with friends around a coffee table while playing games. and so the memories come fast and furious, sometimes they stop in an instance to fill my mind with their vibrancy and they are off again. other times i start to ruminate on them, which isn’t so good for my heart and soul.

I am thankful for my memory. There are times when the word that I want to say just can’t be found. or something that i only remember in part and i think…what a crazy place the brain is…and yet i’m thankful for the one that I’ve been given. I see signs of forgetfulness rising up in people I love and i know its frustrating to not remember the point and purpose of our conversation or even what was supposed to go on the store-list

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3 thoughts on “Remember – FMF

  1. For me, the bad memories help me to learn what I don’t want to do in my later life. I have learned how to be a better parent, because my parents did not know how to parent. It is one of the truest things in my life, For every thing bad, Heavenly Father has given me amazing blessings. I suppose that the learning can be worth it.

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