FMF – Broken


This Lenten season has me seeing the days leading up to the Lord’s crucifixtion and His death and ressurection, with new eyes.

As i mentioned in a previous (much longer) post last week, i am not one who is good at seeing vivide movies. Thus I stayed away from the Passion of the Christ. i thought i knew the horror it contained and so i stayed away.

and yet in doing so I created a passion story that became clean, santized…much more according to my vision of what I could ‘handle’ then the brutal reality of what He endured for our sake. Our church rents a building so we are limited in when we can have services. Thus Palm sunday became Good Friday service for us…and it was brutal. And it should have been.

the last moments of the service were listening and seeing a movie representation of Christ’s final breaths on the cross. The previous week we had seen a clip of his body being scourged and of his hands being pierced and it made me sick to my stomach. almost detached like I was seeing the story for the first time and was repulsed by what was happening. And while it was a representation it still stood out to me that I haven’t allowed myself to KNOW the horror, to even contemplate the horror of that day.

there is a song that we sing at church that has a visual video that accompanies it…one of the verses says ‘Hallelujah, All i need is Christ, Hallelujah Jesus is my life.’ There is a part in the song where the song comes to reflect on Christ’s payment for our sins adn in the video there is a representation of all the sin and darkness of our seperation from God hitting the back of the cross and being absorbed in Christ. And i wept.

never before had I seen something that showed me so evidently what the Lord endured for me. I remember a friend sharing a poem that he had written about the passion and he spoke of everything, our past, present and future sins (of the entire world) upon the body of Christ. That shook me, but only lingered so long.

I pray that as I leave this Lenten season and move into the daily living of what I have learned that his broken (in so many ways that I can’t even fathom it) body will remain in my mind, as i recall the sacrifice and don’t take my salvation and subsequent relationship with my Lord for granted. There is HOPE found in His resurrection, there is HEART CHANGE found in the journey of the cross.

Joining with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday, in which we take five minutes to write on a specific prompt…unedited and fully present.

Five Minute Friday


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