Finding my dream

In 18 days or less I’m going to be in Omaha, Nebraska for Jumping Tandem: The Retreat.

My heart is slowly coming to terms with a number of things about this.

First, I’m so excited. The people who are attending this retreat are some of my favourite encouragers and also some amazing women and men. I’m so excited to learn from them and hear about their dreams.

one of my fears was that I wouldn’t find my dream in time for the retreat. But it has been reiterated several times that perhaps that dream is hidden inside you just needing a voice. God has been revealing little pieces of who he is calling me to be and the voice he desires that I speak with (one more bold and humble than my own) a moment at a time. For someone who likes to have the whole picture laid out in front of her (what are the risks, am i comfortable with that) its hard to just trust…but that is part of the shaping journey.

and this retreat is also about risk. jumping tandem refers to when you jump out of a plane for a skydive with someone more experienced than you. you get the full experience of the craziness of it all (really, jumping out of a plane?!?) but also someone who knows how to handle what is important to get you safely to the ground. I love that idea. And while our journey is full of life, so it will never be completely ‘safe’, i love the idea of sisters walking along side you as you discover what God has planted in your heart to move forward in.

so far speaking encouragement into others lives has been something that has really been shown to my eyes. I love hearing others dreams, what the Lord is doing in them, and what they are learning about themselves that so resonates in my own life as well. I have no idea where that is leading, but i’m interested to see what this weekend might shape in me.

i am also fearful that in the midst of so many ‘big names‘ of blogging that i’ll feel that i don’t have a voice, or i’ll be intimidated and wonder why I’m there at all. GOD HAS PROVIDED for me to go to this retreat, He has a PLAN and PURPOSE for me being there. I have as much right to be there as the next person, but sometimes it feels like walking the Hollywood red carpet to me 😉

there are almost 100 ladies who will be in attendance and while I know it probably won’t be possible to come to know and hug each of them, i feel my heart swelling with the knowledge that I will get to hug at least a few dear ones of my heart. I’m so excited that this opportunity was shared in passing with me by Emily and that my heart leapt in thinking about the awesomeness of being able to partcipate in this.

so all that remains is packing up my stuff and finding a hotel for the night before…since i thought I might ‘do’ a bit of Omaha while i’m there 😉 At the moment my only ‘fear’ with that is knowing which part of the city to stay out of …but God will give me wisdom and resources.


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