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The word today is After


I love the blogging world. I try to keep track of so many beautiful people who are writing their lives out on these pages, but its hard to remember them all and my reader would just be a blur.

there are several things that usually jump out at me when i read a blog and one is the way in which they write and two the manner in which they share of themselves. Both of those are things that draw me in and keep me reading. It is especially meaningful if i see myself in what they are writing or if God causes something to jump off the page and catch my attention.

I have written a blog for many years. Lately that particular writing place has gone on hiatus as I moved over here to kind of ‘get a new start’. I have to admit in the past that i’ve struggled between writing for an audience (for comments or interaction) or for myself, to work things through. I have found several of my friends expressing that they are sometimes in that same place.

the one thing though that i haven’t really experienced is rebuke, because my original blog was limited to a few readers and while this one is open, I don’t usually write much that might be considered controversial. However, in the past couple months I have seen several times a comment or thread that does not only attack the blog post but the individual writing itself.

I have to be honest that i have been reading some different blogs that have differing ideas from those i’ve grown up with, some of them have stretched me to think differently and be a Berean and search the scriptures. and some of them have just left me shaking my head with my mouth hanging open as their beliefs astound me. This week I was very saddened to see a friend face retaliation  for a post that she put out in truth and good faith. perhaps she could have written it differently, perhaps her direct questioning of a very strong group of individuals is what warrented the attack, but it was incredibly disheartening for me.

perhaps i’ve been living in a bubble. i’ve been reading many stories lately of people experiencing awful abuse at the hands of the church and fellow Christians. I haven’t experienced that myself and it was awful to see that it does happen. At the same time, it has been very hard for me to understand when people are so vehemently opposed to one another that instead of having a discussion they attack instead. Perhaps we know longer know how to communicate since the internet is a great way of ‘being whoever you want to be’ and much is lost in the written word, verses saying things ‘in person’.

but my eyes were opened to the ‘after’…the after the publish button is hit, the after of a willingness to share so openly from your own life, the after of being strewn through the mud, the after of heart boggling attack that seems so not reflective of the God that i know and even though we as mere humans are so not a good representation of Him, it disheartens me to know that this is happening over and over every day.

a very disheartening after…especially when people are sharing such vulnerable ‘afters’.

Five Minute Friday


2 thoughts on “After – FMF

  1. Hi! I found your blog on FMF. What a great post! I am a new blogger and haven’t had to deal with negativity yet. I just write what is on my heart and hope that others will respect that. It is sad to hear what some other bloggers say they have dealt with.

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