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Today’s prompt is Here


For me ‘here’ means to be fully present, not distracted by other things, not trying to multitask. For me ‘here’ also means a place that is safe, warm, inviting and which I can be myself.

Yesterday I was ‘here’. I was at my friend’s house…my friend who has been through the last 10 years of life with me, through trauma and gladness, adventure and down times…and it has only strengthened our friendship. But what I appreciate most about our relationship is that when I am with her, i know that she is fully present with me. She takes time to listen to me, to be quiet with me, to share her heart with me…and I find that so refreshing.

in this age when we are usually heading somewhere a mile a minute, or trying to remember all that we’d like to fit into this day, its refreshing to take a moment and realize the ‘here’, the moment that we find ourselves in.

My friend is dreaming of opening up a retreat center. I think that is a phenomenal idea that the Lord has laid on her heart. The times of doing life with her have always been therapeutic to my soul and I always come away refreshed. I can imagine God leading her to do this on a big scale, and just meet a need for quiet and healing that is so desperately needed in this world.

And while i’m sure while serving many people it is difficult to be fully’ here’, I think that she has that kind of heart and soul that will be present, that will understand, that will stand beside and uplift or call out. I think in her ability to be fully ‘here’ she has been given a gift to call others to see the moment, to stop and breathe in life…to live life, Here and NOW.



linking up with Lisa-Jo over at The Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday. A large group of lovely people write for five minutes on a topic each Friday, for five minutes. No editing just what comes to mind. Remember to link back to the site and also to check out the awesome posts that are linked too. So many amazing stories to read and share!

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4 thoughts on “Here – FMF

  1. Give that friend of yours a big squeeze next time you see her…I miss my friend who is like that with me…..can’t wait to see her at the end of the year…

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