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Today I’m writing with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday.

Take five minutes, write unedited on a subject without editing, just pouring out your thoughts. Join lots of other writers as they think on a similar subject for this five minute goodness.

(Today I’m writing from my hotel computer as I join dear Lisa-Jo and so many others at the Jumping Tandem retreat here in Omaha, Nebraska!)


The subject of today is jump which is particularly fond to me this morning as I consider I’m joining a team of amazing people this weekend for a retreat called Jumping Tandem.

at first when I mentioned Jumping Tandem, several of my friends who know that i’m more of a conservative, less risky sort questioned my jumping out of a plane. When I informed them that indeed I was NOT jumping but rather joining an amazing group of people to learn to jump together into life…they were also so excited for me.

It has taken many years for me to build up good friendships with women. Alot of my growing up I had some very up and down relationships with women and ended up prefering hanging out with me. As i mentioned in a previous post,  I have struggled with who I am as a women and becoming ‘one of’ the guys didn’t help with that. I had a couple girlfriends along the way, but none that I lingered with for a period of time.

In the past several years the Lord has blessed me more than I can tell with some amazing real life and some amazing online community and I’m so thankful for the wisdom and love that I’ve recieved from both.

I have developed some very close friendships with my friend Anne (who I attended university with and have known for over 11 years) and my friend Lisa (who I met through my first Harvest small group and have known for 2.5 years but it feels longer!) I also have met so many amazing ladies through some different blog rings and through different mentions on Twitter. I have been blessed by SO many of them sharing their stories and revealing that I’m not the only one that is experiencing the particular moments on my journey.

The first session that I am attending tommorrow on Saturday is referring to what happens if you dreams end up looking alot different than you orginally imagined, which is particularly poignant two years after the whole teaching things totally exploded in my face. I am so thankful to know that God has a plan for my life and that all of these moments are what make up my particular story.

and so this weekend, I am taking a risk, gathering together with amazing ladies (some of which I am so excited and a bit overwhelmed to be in the presence of) but also sharing perhaps some of the things that i’m not so sure on and having perhaps some of the Lord’s guidance shown to me.

may you each be blessed as you risk jumping into the things you’ve been called to, he who has called you IS FAITHFUL!!!

Five Minute Friday



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