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Joining Lisa-Jo over at her blog today for Five Minute Friday (clearly i’m not writing on Friday, but I had much on my mind yesterday) Writing unedited about one topic every Friday for five minutes and then reading the stories that others have shared is the best part. These writers are definately gifted and I know *from meeting her at Jumping Tandem* that Lisa Jo is very much about connecting women’s hearts and their stories!



How timely that today’s topic would be friendship, after last weekend spending time with dear one’s at Jumping Tandem: The Retreat and then this weekend participating in the lovely (in)courage gathering called (in)RL.

It has taken me quite some time to grow my female friendships, as I have always felt like an outsider in certain groups. Growing up as a missionary kid, we moved a couple times when I was young and so it seemed that as a defense mechanism to protect my heart from the hurt of leaving friends, I quickly learned to move onto new ones. If you had asked me at the time if I thought that they were deep friendships, I probably would have answered yes, because in my immaturity I didn’t know any different.

Looking back, I guess they were as good as some relationships get for being in jr high or younger. It always makes my heart fill with joy (and a bit of envy) when people share about their friendships that have lasted since kindergarten or jr high. It has been my pleasure to have known one of my dearest friends for 10 years, and that is more than i’ve ever been able to hang on to a friendship in my life. And both of us aren’t very good at being in touch too much and there are times when we’ve fallen out of touch for awhile, but God’s been faithful in holding our relationship together and i’m thankful for that.

Making online friends is something I found I was able to do. It wasn’t quite as scary as meeting people in real life, and sometimes I guess it was just easier to be who I was on the screen. I like to think that when I write I am most fully myself, but sometimes I’m sure that’s not the case. However, after following several people on my site at Xanga, I came to know and dearly love some dear sisters in Christ. I had several amazing years of connecting with them, and now we continue to be in touch on facebook. Moving over to wordpress I wanted to launch out in a way that I felt was more reflective of who I am rather than what i felt that i was portraying on my other site…i had gotten into a rut of same old.

with a new blog, came new followers, new friends and an amazing opportunity to put flesh and blood faces to the names that I had so long interacted with. it was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. To hold these dear ones in my arms, to hear their stories and to share my dreams…was such a God gift to me. I am so thankful

Five Minute Friday

5 thoughts on “Friend – FMF

  1. When I was a kid, we moved around about every two years. And like you, I guarded my heart so that when it came time to leave, I wouldn’t be hurt…that really didn’t work so well though! We are made for community and we’re never really happy unless we have the gift of at least one deep friendship. So, new FRIEND, it was a pleasure to meet you at JTreat, sit with you at dinner and now we get to find out more about each other through our writing. Can’t wait! 😀

  2. hey girl!! didn’t realize you started a new blog.. i miss keeping up w/ you more. seems alot of the “old” crowd has left xanga and it’s quiet these days. i opened a wordpress blog too and would like to transfer everything over. just haven’t gotten there yet. ~ so glad the retreat was great! isn’t it funny w/ things like that how we can be so nervous beforehand, but then once we’re there it’s so good and we can’t imagine not having went. so grateful for friendships, as you talk of in this post.. all the ones God has brought into my life and all the ways He’s done that. blogging being one of the number ones. love it. big hug girl. xo

  3. I’ve found this freedom here too . . to be more myself than I am always comfortable with inrl. But I think being authentic online is teaching me to be brave and authentic face to face too. Loved meeting and talking with you at JT!

  4. Hey Janel, you were right before me on the link-up, and I am this late in commenting! It has been #webcastmadness and #socialmediafrenzy for me the past week, and I desperately need a break. I’ll be unplugging as much as I can the rest of the week. I loved reading your story here and getting to know a little bit more of your precious heart. I am thankful, along with you, for the friends who stayed with me no matter what.

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