Piano #1 – in poetic form


The Piano

the ebony and
ivory now worn away
music’s skeleton

only charred remains
my fingers catch the low notes
and slivers prick me

with lid closed, the notes
still whisper their majestic
resonating tune

glossy sheen dusty
particles dance notes wildly
moth’s burden complete

my fingers gently
offer hushed accolades
my eyes close with song

Memories for sale
ink still drying classified
music lovers dream

sunlight streams unknown
his frail body now shadow
dreams only linger

I remember time
when he hunched over music
and breathed it classic

his wrists anchored firm
each fingerprint emblazon
deep upon the keys

soul notes pouring out
mouth quiet but eyes brimming
redemption’s tribute

long legs make chords last
entwined with mahogany
instrument and man

his body swaying
fingers fly like hummingbird
nectar’s song calling

his joy fills the room
notes on parched paper foregone
heartbeat crafting tune

Mesmerized, eyes closed
pressure and metronome arch
cadence has begun

eyes cloudy with gauze
I see angels gather round
harmonies enfold

a wretch, saved by grace
now hears the song of heaven
filling earthly space

his view clouds with tears
fingers slowly caressing
keys with soul filled peace

finger’s song now sung
with the angels and saints
earthly keys silent

By Janel A. Written April 28/2013

remembering my Grandpa, Mac Andrews and his love of His Lord and his piano

8 thoughts on “Piano #1 – in poetic form

  1. A beautiful tribute, Janel. Especially love “a wretch, saved by grace now hears the song of heaven
    filling earthly space”

    • Thank you Kim. My grandfather wanted to love the Lord will all of who he was, after being saved from his former life. I am so thankful for the godly legacy being passed down in my family. While i’m not so great on the piano, he definitely passed on his love of song. I am so blessed.

  2. What beautiful, descriptive words you’ve used to tell us about your grandpa Janel. I can picture him playing with gusto on the old piano keys, and better still, playing perfectly for his Father. Thank you for sharing such a tender memory.

    • My grandfather’s love of the piano is one of my favourite memories. They had a piano in their house that sat in the living room and throughout the day my grandpa would sit down and play and sing to the praise and glory of His Father. He was beyond grateful for his salvation and desired all the glory to return back to his father who had given him grace.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful. Gorgeous, dear, and if this is what it looks like when you’re trying to grasp it and learn, I can’t wait to read future adventures in writing! Just beautiful. So glad you linked up–thank you for being brave. Lots of love.

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