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Joining with Lisa-Jo today for Five Minute Friday. Every Friday, a group of beautiful writers get together and write on a topic for five minutes. It is a freeing excercise in just letting your thoughts at that moment flow across the page. After linking up with the other wonderful writers, make sure you leave some comments on other’s take on the same word.

Today’s word: Brave


It was a pleasant surprise to get a message on friday morning from my new friend Gretchin. She was letting me know that the word for the FMF writeup was one that she knew would resonate with me. After all, at Jumping Tandem: The Retreat, I had several conversations with her and one of which was sharing that my OneWord365 for the year was indeed : BRAVE.

Not only is Gretchin an incredibly brave woman herself, but she has taken it upon herself to call it out in my life and show me ways in which God is indeed working on making me Brave in Him. I am blessed. From an eventful car ride home for the airport, to time spent in meaningful conversation at the retreat, I am so thankful that she was one of the many blessings that God provided on the retreat.

But when i thought about writing about Brave, I didn’t really feel like writing about my experience with learning to be brave…i thought of so many others that I know who ARE Brave.

I thought of a beautiful 9 year old girl named Aaliyah who found out this past Thanksgiving that she had leukemia and has been fighting her cancer ever since.  A little girl who has the fiercest faith I know, who sings through her treatments, who shares the truth of God to those around her, and who sees God in all the details. She is BRAVE.

I know of a family whose father disappeared without a trace almost a month ago now. They have been missionaries in Mali for years, and on a routine flight home from taking some product south, he vanished into thin air. This family is praying in belief, that God holds their father/husband in his safe hands…no matter what happened, no matter the circumstances, no matter the choices that need to be made in the days ahead. They are BRAVE.

I see it in a friend at a retreat that I attended lately, who shared her great admiration for a fellow writer. I saw it in the way she approached this writer, spoke truth into her life and then asked for a picture of them together. It seemed like a simple gesture to many, but I knew how much it took in her heart to do this simple thing. She is BRAVE.

and so in the middle of my own journey of discovering what BRAVE God desires to grow and bring out in me, I am continually reminded of his desire for us to BE brave, in the stories of the people who I see around me, who continue to reflect this bravery back into my life, in the way that they are trusting in HIM and leaning on Him.


*the picture above has the description of bravery that I have claimed for this year. I am so thankful for a God that calls us to bravery,and empowers us with the strength to get there.
Five Minute Friday


5 thoughts on “Brave – FMF

  1. Great examples of bravery. And another post I appreciate.

    Are you talking about Jerry as far as the pilot? I’ve been praying for them and following their journey, too, if so.

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