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Joining with Lisa-Jo for her Five Minute Friday (although lately I’ve not managed to DO it on Friday) Writing for five minutes on one topic with lots of other writers. Join in the fun every Friday.

Word of the day: COMFORT


Interestingly enough when I first saw this word, the thing that came to mind was ‘Comfort ye my people’. I knew it was a verse I’d heard somewhere, but wasn’t sure where.  When i looked it up, I found it was one of the main parts in the middle of the Messiah by Handel. Interesting.

but what really resonated with me was that this week has been one of giving comfort to others, and its not been comfort that I have the ability to give, because I don’t necessarily know about what they are going through, but He does and he can pour out his comfort through me.

I have a friend whose family is going through a very difficult family situation. On Friday I took myself over to her house (with a bit of coffee for her and hot chocolate for her youngest) and sat and listened to hear pour her heart out. Her and her husband and their family have become such dear friends to me in this past year, and so I found it to be such a blessing that she would want to share her heart with me. As I heard her speak of the ways that her heart has been broken in the past week, my heart filled with sorrow for her. i don’t remember what I said, I hope I affirmed her and blessed her in her role as a mother and as a wonderful woman of God. I hope i spoke his hope into her life.

and while I was fully present when I was visiting her, as I left on my way home i began to think about all the other people who were going through their own sorrow and difficulty. Those who are in my church and those who are not…people who I perhaps see every day. and it made me wonder, who else needs this comfort. Who else longs to have someone sit with them through the quiet. through the tears. through the ups and down and questions and screaming and weeping and rest. I pray they do. I pray that the Lord will open my eyes to ask people how they are and take the time to HEAR their answer, see their hearts and if I am blessed to know pieces of their story…that I might somehow be used of the Lord to speak comfort…comfort among this hurting world, which the Lord our God loves so much and desires an intimate relationship with, letting them know that he will never leave nor forsake them.


join the other writers HERE this week as we ponder comfort


2 thoughts on “comfort – fmf

  1. I needed the reminder that God knows what each person is going through and will lead us in comforting others. Over from Lisa-Jo’s and enjoyed your post!

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