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Today’s Prompt: Song


I have always loved musical instruments. Watching the deft fingers of performers bringing the beautiful strains of music from them makes my heart sing.

When I was younger we had the opportunity to go on stage before a concert and meet the musicians and interact with their instruments. I know that the stage was full of instruments, but the only thing I remember is the beautiful HUGE harp and getting to try to strum it. Its one of the most beautiful sounds, harp music and when played by an artisan seems effortless, but when you get up to it and try to interact with it without knowing its secrets, its a hard taskmaster.

It was a concert specifically designed for children, so we settled down into our seats and enjoyed hearing the sounds made by professionals after our clumsy fingers had known the joy of trying them out.

In my teen years were were blessed to live about an hour from Toronto and we attended several amazing musical and theatrical productions. We were able to sit on the floor seats (as opposed to the balcony) and were allowed to wander up to the front and peer over into the orchestra pit. it amazed me that so many instruments could fit in this space under the stage and that they would be part of the theatrics. After returning to my seat and the play beginning it was fascinating for me to realize (after the fact) that the musicians had seamlessly entered into the tale and my heart had been filled with rapture even when I wasn’t consciously discerning mere lines from an actors mouth and the music that accompanied their tale.

in the later years of high school we attended several beautiful productions at the Symphony London building and it always filled me with great joy. i remember paying particular attention to the gentleman on first violin because I knew that it was such an honoured position. The movements of the conductor always fascinated me, that his facial gestures and a hand with a mere wand could create such move and flex in the music we heard. I also watched the musicians with awe as they interacted with their instruments in a manner that seemed as if they had become one and embodied the music.

While I was certainly intent on seeing how the music was formed, I also found myself getting lost in it. And for the moments that it filled my ears and my heart…I was swept away.

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3 thoughts on “Song = FMF

  1. There truly is something enchanting about being a concert with live musicians that play classically. It can pull you right out of the moment and into a new place almost. I’ve played the piano for years, for a similar love of the power that each note, once put together in a song can have over emotions and feelings. So glad you shared this!

  2. From a musicians perspective: Yes! That is the goal ~ that the audience will be swept up in the music, enraptured in another “language” and at the same time be participating. This was beautifully written Janel!

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