remembering the reason

It was so refreshing to write yesterday, to remember that this blog is supposed to be about writing down what is on my heart and not necessarily writing for an audience. I am glad to have access to some wonderful outlets and challenges to get me out of my shell, but I need to remember that my writing is for my working out of things, and not about what people are going to say about what I’m writing.

After meeting so many amazing people at Jumping Tandem, I felt a bit overwhelmed reading all the amazing blogs and felt that I had to live up to something that wasn’t me at all. After being blessed with the inspiration for two very wonderful posts, I became overwhelmed with the fact that I had to live up to those comments I had received and this had a numbing effect on my writing.

So I have been missing for a bit. And i’m inspired…but I’m still trying to find my footing again. So it might be quiet for a bit…or you might see me throwing out a thing or two.


2 thoughts on “remembering the reason

  1. Remember Janel, success to God is OBEDIENCE (Lisa-Jo). You cannot fail if you are obedient to His calling for you. Whether that be to blog or not to blog. Recall the rocks we wrote our fears on? Do you remember what the author (Jennifer) of that most powerful exercise wrote on hers? It was the same thing you are speaking of here. Comparison.
    The fact is Janel, the words you write, I write, we ALL write, come from the Lord. We are just the conduit ~ the means by which He expresses His love, His message. We are all imperfect at it.

    Broken pots of clay with Life-Flowing words spilling over onto those within our sphere of influence.

    There will always be someone who seems to have less holes and less cracks than we do. Their words seem to flow effortlessly onto the page of their blog or their book. Writing is not a competition. It love what you said it is…”a working out of things”. I believe the best blogs are exactly that. A working out of things…sometimes in the moment, sometimes after-the-fact. And those make the most powerful writings. Why? Because we are human and we’ve had to work out the exact same things, or will have to work them out in the future.

    And we’re all here…just sharing into hearts and lives and cyberspace. I love that you are here, sharing too.

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