writing starts with living


Writing starts with living. – L.L. Barkat

People’s stories have always intrigued me. There is nothing I like more then to settle into conversation with someone and hear about where they have found themselves on this journey of life. Sometimes its someone that I’m just coming to know, other times its someone whose journey I’ve been blessed to already be a part of. I also love to converse about things that wander around in my mind, quotes I’ve heard, problems I’ve been trying to figure out, scriptures I’ve been trying to understand in my heart and my head.

And I’ve always loved to write. When I was young I would write down all kinds of things. I was intent on writing a book, and while I’m sure I never got more than a few pages in, it was always filled with the delightful meanderings of my imagination. As I grew up, my writing turned to filling pages of diaries with the angst of teenage years and trying to figure out what I was and where I fit in. Poems filled my head as the only way I could begin to express what was going on inside of me. I’m thankful for poetry…for my ability to be okay with free verse, for my hand that wrote so quickly across the page, and for my parents who provided me journal after journal, page after page…because they knew it was therapeutic for me.

And for me, I’ve only just realized that its true…that living and writing are very much in parallel to one another. I work through alot of my living by writing it down, or thinking about it none stop (and would be much more productive if I actually wrote it down). And truly living, seeking to truly live…you have all kinds of things to write about. dreams you have, moment that shaped you, quandaries that keep you up at night, amazing quotes from people who inspire you, its all so very wonderful. I think that my writing helps me live my life, work through my life, see my life as it is and how it could be. I think that living helps me to write, to change my writing, to experiment, to share, to wallow, to show gratitude, to share heart moments.


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