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its been quiet here for a bit. I have alot floating around in my head…but don’t seem to have the ‘ability’ to get it down right now. It has been good to see you all writing through this time of quiet on my end…you each continue to inspire and for that i’m thankful.

I missed out last week on Lisa-Jo’s linkup at Five Minute Friday, so I thought I’d join back in today.

The premise of FMF is that a word prompt is revealed ever Friday morning (EARLY) and then wonderful writers from all over unite over writing unedited about that word. Its always fascinating to see what stories come out of the same prompt. It has been a beautiful exercise that stretches and its always wonderful to read other entries as well, and get to ‘know’ some other writers.

Today’s Prompt: RHYTHM


Several years ago my mom and I had the opportunity to attend a women’s retreat from a different church. Since my parent’s church and my church are so big, they rarely do events like this. One of my dad’s coworkers attends this smaller church and had told my mom about the retreat. It was in the middle of a city about an hour away from here but the property had been bought and built up in a manner that it was surrounded by a forested area and residential area and so you hardly even knew where you were. It was beautiful.


The weekend was about ‘The Holy and the Horrible’ and the speaker was amazing. She taught us about lament and praise and I’m not sure that it will ever leave me. The Holy Spirit was present, in both the healing of hearts that took place and in the heart lifting laughter and joy that was present that weekend.

On Saturday the option was presented to learn basic drumming. I adore music and I love singing, but I’ve never been one to embrace too many instruments, mostly because I didn’t have the fortitude to work through the long hours of actually learning. Oh i could figure out piano music if I sat down to it, but it was something I endured rather then enjoyed.

There were about 20 of us that gathered that day to learn some basic techniques and then practice our part in the worship of that evening. It was so fun and it was exhilarating to participate in creating this life rhythm with others who I had become united with in this endeavor.

When I was in grade one, I was the ‘director’ of a shadow play that we put on at school. I walked in my shiny shoes that clipped along the floor and proudly announced the show. There were butterflies in my stomach and I was so excited to have such a wonderful role. The same butterflies of that moment in my youth, filled me as I went up into the circle with the other woman and began my part in the rhythm that would accompany the worship of that evening. My heart filled with the different sounds being produced and I realized with tears in my eyes, that I was part of something bigger then I had ever imagined…I was part of making a joyful sound unto the Lord. It mesmerized my heart!


Five Minute Friday


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