Carrying the ache

Yesterday we headed out to a driving range for a little fun. My dad has played a round of golf once in his life, abd my brother has played a couple times in different charity events he’s been part of. I have been known to hit a good round or two…in mini-golf! So all that to say we’re definitely not professionals!

In highschool (10+ years ago) we had some golf lessons as part of gym class. It was a small private school, so there were only about 25 of us so we each were able to get in some practice.

Even though I’ve been to the driving range a handfull of times I’ve ingrained in my head the ‘rules’ I learned. Make sure that your non-dominant hand is holding on at the top with your thumb pointing down. Remember to wrap your dominant hand over your thumb. Keep your one arm straight, bend the other at the elbow. Bend your knees and stick your butt out a little. Keep your eye on the ball.

I’m not much of a multitasker so keeping all these points is sometimes a bit overwhelming, but I managed to do pretty well. After awhile though my elbow began to ache and my dominant hand began to throb. I put my club down and started to stretch my hand. In my head I was realizing that I was holding the club very tightly. I encouraged myself to hold it loosely, but realized with such a narrow handle that would be difficult. I was ledt realizing that I could choose to quit or continue on inspite of the ache.

As I pondered this ‘golfing experience’ this morning and read Jennifer Lee’s post about how present our God is in EVERYTHING…I was reminded of the ache of holding on so tightly, and how it doesn’t have to be that way in our lives. There is no desperate holding on to a steel shaft to keep things under control. There is no way to hold on that might make the ache we experience be removed. Surrender means that all his strength takes over our weary selves. Surrender means letting go and knowing He is there…we have nothing to prove or lose with Him.

As my hand ached and I thought about holding things loser I was reminded of how much stress and burden I take on trying to figure out life on my own…when I could be laying my burdens down and walking free in His strength and grace.

Oh how hard it is to let go of the grip I have on life that says “I can do this, I don’t need others, I can carry this, I can figure it out myself.”

What burdens I lay on my back that He longs to take from me…and as my muscles cramp and my back aches I swem to think there is something to be gained by pushing through.

When will His grace and refreshment and peace become something my weary soul longs for, thirts for?


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