#FMF – In-between

The in-between is often unsettling. You aren’t where you were or who you were, but you’ve not yet arrived or become. And the thing is I want to see the next step, know the path ahead, see with a little more clarity. But humanity is a cloak that keeps these things from me.

Sometimes the in-between results in the beautiful,  like at sunrise or sunset. When the in-between equals the beginning and end of something that you can put your finger on.

Life is more of a vapour. Steps lay ahead unseen and yet I wonder if we would step forward if we knew the good or bad ahead. I think that’s part of why we don’t know…these things change who we are, where we are at…usually for the better, but since we tend to process things according to our limited knowledge, its often best that we are left in-between.
Five Minute Friday


4 thoughts on “#FMF – In-between

  1. “Life is more of a vapour.” We do have such a limited knowledge, even of ourselves, that what we think we know now looks significantly different after some time has past. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this Five Minute Friday. ~Blessings

  2. Love this! Thank you for your words on my post, and I love that you said the in betweens can sometimes result in the beautiful. Yes, yes they can!

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