Concrete Words – Tainted

It seems the stench can no longer be contained. The smell permeates skin, filling blood with putrid fumes. Itching raises up rash upon my arms, turning my body raw. Fingers and lips turning blue with the lack of oxygen as the poison begins to work.

The chemical stain that fills up the edges of this space speaks of a rules broken, of a subterfuge plainly hidden. Rising to the surface, blood red mirages before our eyes and clouds out the sun. The truth lies evident and yet all it takes is a head turn to pretend like its all just a dream.

If you cast your eyes into the distance, all seems well. The blue that reflects skies vastness, can lull you into false safety. Looking toward the horizon, eyes straining for a sliver of hope, its almost more than you can take to face reality. If you train your mind for just a moment, those gasping breathes you take, just might be full of that sunlit air you know lies just over this filth.

There, at your feet, with your head cast down…lay the dark stains. The telling marks streak the disfigured sand, painting a picture of eroding health. Rust and toxic fluid begin their slow caress that threatens death in its wake. And your feet, stone-cold stand immobile, unable to dash from the precipice that is inching closer. The horror has finally hit you. You sense the final doom is far off and yet nearer than you’d prefer it…and if only you could get to the other side, find a way out, a way around…you KNOW that the air would be softer, sweeter, safer…

And isn’t that the way. That so often we immerse ourselves in things that seem so important, so life giving, so inspiring…to find they are a mirage of empty ideals and false promises. And the surface begins to stain with the ugliness covered over by a seemingly perfect facade. We see that there is a way for this movement, these words, that song, this art…to make a difference, to be life-giving…but not in this place, not at this time, not in this breathe. So many continue on, even though the breathes continue shallower, the dream is dying, the heart is breaking, and they feel that they are left in this hole…the sludge inches closer to suffocating their hope…and they feel trapped.

what will it take to break these stone cold feet from their paralyzing fear. To open this heart to fire again…running away, around, toward the other side…where the air is really as fresh and life giving as you imagined, the water really that blue as it reflects the truth and grace longed for…and the the blood begins to pump again with oxygen rich blood, as the poison of many years begins to slowly seep out…and drain away. Heading towards the edge of sanded shores, washing up by someone else’s feet…giving them warning.


One thought on “Concrete Words – Tainted

  1. Wow, Janel, such a vivid picture you paint with these words. This truly struck a chord with me, raw. Thank you for linking up

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