carrying the burden

The ebb and flow of words
melts between us
two humbled souls
seeking truth
through written word
and pondered thoughts

sometimes the load
becomes heavy upon our shoulders
seeking out answers
forming opinions
taking in the every present world
and yet there is a quiet we know
and we search for

His hands are open wide
ready for embrace
we can crawl into His lap
we can hear him whisper peace
letting us know
He holds us, he holds it all

there is peace to be found
in letting Him reveal truth
in bringing those moments
to our minds and pen scratches

letting our souls fill
with knowledge he has revealed
no longer a heavy burden
but a dream that has been shared
and given to us for the taking
the holding on
the breathing out

inspired by my dear friend Kelli  and our conversation of today, linking with Jennifer and Emily


13 thoughts on “carrying the burden

  1. yes, we both come to that “quiet,” don’t we? and that is where we sense the breathing in which must come before the “breathing out” …
    touched, Janel. love this piece.

    (more than that, though, i love your heart.)

  2. I’m with Kelli. Love your heart and my goodness, isn’t Kelli an inspiring woman? I am so glad to have met you at Jtreat and to see your heart first hand.

  3. I find it amazing that when God reveals truth to our hearts, how it is all wrapped in peace and love! He truly oen’t condemn.
    Much love XX

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