‘The Single Woman’ circa 1970

Some unmarried girls go through life blaming their unhappiness on the fact that they have not found a suitable life’s mate. But in the majority of such cases, being married or unmarried s not the solution to their problem. It is much deeper than that. So often it is a basic personality difficult which must be faced and solved. then, they will realize that happiness does not depend upon marriage. But rather, happiness depends upon accepting one’s self, and having the right relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ. With the single woman, spiritual development is of the utmost importance because it will determine her attitude toward life. It will make the difference between one who is continually indulging in self-pity, and one who is a charming person – one who is a blessing to all mankind.

– pamphlet ‘The Single Woman’ by Clyde M. Narramore; published by Psychology for Living in 1970

As a single Christian woman this is something that I am coming to understand. Whether I have a relationship or am married does not define me. I am not less significant because I’m single. There are so many ways that the Lord can use me. There is happiness is married life and in the single life. That does not necessarily lessen those who are single’s desire for marriage, but it might change their outlook on who the Lord is making them at this particular single time in their life. I found it interesting that while this was written 40 years ago, it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it might be.


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