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Gathering together with other bloggers today for the FMF linkup. Lisa-jo shares a one word prompt and we each write from our hearts for five minuted unedited.

Todays word: Broken


Honestly when I heard the word for today was ‘Broken’, I thought to myself…seriously?!? Because last week’s look at the idea of belonging didn’t bring up enough in my life that I had to begin to think about dealing with. Lets go deeper with broken.

The other day I was reading a blog about a girl who finds herself working in India at the moment. There was a picture she posted of a wall with great shards of glass sticking out of them, and I know from hearing stories from missionaries and others that this is a precautionary measure taken to keep people out of your property. But there was something about that wall. All those jagged pieces sticking up that just caught my eye and I felt like it resonated. Because there have been times, even perhaps today, in which i felt that deep inside my heart resembled that wall. Not trying to keep people out (or perhaps it is) but definitely the shards are many and they are strewn haphazardly throughout my life’s experiences and this journey.

and while a person who has brokenness within them wants nothing more than to be put back together again, they realize that one..they don’t remember what wholeness even looked like and two they won’t fit back together quite the same way that they did before. And both of those things are a little frightening. Because whose to say that with those pieces not fitting quite as snuggly as they did as they made up the whole, that there hasn’t been significant compromise and that the next shattering will end up with pieces that are even more difficult to put back together. And sometimes it seems almost ‘easier’ to just leave everything in pieces, still hurting, wounded and growing bitter…but seemingly easier to manage in its broken form.

Five Minute Friday


6 thoughts on “Broken – FMF

  1. Thank you for this meditation. At first, you made me laugh, with your “seriously?!?” But then you went on and used the broken glass metaphor so well. Indeed, we don’t fit back together the same way, and that siren call of “it’d be easier to leave everything in pieces.”

  2. I always find your honest soul-searching so refreshing, friend. I love that you talk here about brokenness and leave it… unfinished. Because I certainly resonate with what you’ve wondered here – about the pieces not fitting back together the same way, and if the next shattering might not be even harder to piece back together. There is some kind of strange comfort, if you can call it that, in being broken, if only because we know what it’s like to be there – but we don’t know if what we WILL be, on the other side of brokenness, is someone we will like, we will find beautiful. At least that’s what I struggle with sometimes. Thank you.

    • “we don’t know if what we WILL be, on the other side of brokenness, is someone we will like, we will find beautiful” Oh my friend…that is so true, and I didn’t realize this is an ache in my heart until I read it put so eloquently.
      I wanted to end this with a summation, but didn’t think that this time it would be right…because its ongoing…and i felt that the point it to write what you feel about the word in question for the day. Thank you for your feedback dear friend. i am blessed.

  3. Before returning home from a trip to England I purchased a book about the apostle Paul. I cannot begin to tell you how it spoke to my heart. Not an actual account by the author who had never met the man ( obviously ) but a story that gave you/ me an idea of the man….not the super hero we often make these Bible men out to be. Simply real people with struggles of the mind and heart.
    Praise His for his love and unlimited grace towards me. He often reaches out to puck up the pieces of my life.
    Thanks for ÿour 5….

    • thank you for the reminder that what He has created he can restore…picking up the pieces of my life. I appreciate you sharing about the particular book about Paul that really made a difference in your life. thank you for stopping by

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