behind the loom

So thankful for Carrisa stopping by from FMF. I got to reading her blog and was just loving it. So much to ponder. and so I thought I’d share a bit with you. Here is the blog that I read:

On Days when they call me “Mommy” every six seconds

I am blessed to have two little people call me Mommy, but sometimes it is just hard to not lose your mind on days when you hear “mommy” every six seconds.

Today I finding myself imagining that being a stay-at-home mommy (or daddy) is like being a one-man band… juggling all sorts of roles and sometimes literally juggling multiple children, too… except the kids, unlike the one-man’s instruments, have the free will to make noise when and as loud as they want to. In fact, I have very little control over them, or anything, at all!

But maybe all of this – not the literal noise but just the whole of the moments, the measures of life, even the hard ones, all strung together – if it wasn’t surrounding and all so close to my head, would sound lovely if I could just step back and hear the entirety of the song.

Today I am hearing only one measure of the song. It is abrupt and loud, messy and unimpressive, and up so close I can only hear it out of context… but the whole beautiful song wouldn’t be the same without it.

and some things that came to me upon reading that:

I replied: //“if i could just step back and hear the entirety of the song…the whole beautiful song wouldn’t be the same without it”…sometimes I feel this about alot of life. That God’s got the big picture…but right now all I’ve got is the chaos and something beautiful has to come out of it right? I’m thankful for the reminder to step back and see it for something besides which it first appears as. Lots of loud noise, little people calling out your name…but when looked at from a bit more space…definitely a melodious calling out. Sometimes hard to get to that space of being a bit removed from the sound though…I hear you.//

(photo from Adrienne Morris)

And I got to thinking about ‘right now all I’ve got in the chaos and something beautiful has to come out of it right’? This reminded me of a picture I once saw of the tangled backside of a beautiful quilt that had been made on a loom. The back was a mess of color and tangles and really didn’t look like much of anything. If someone entered the shop and looked at the back of the quilt they would see something that didn’t appeal to them, and trod off in search of something more appealing. But if they took a moment to wander around the loom, and see it from the other side, the creative’s view, they would see the delicate artwork that was being crafted one thread at a time.

Sometimes I get to feeling like looking at my life and the little pieces that I see the ends of and not really feel like they are leading to anywhere is the backside of the quilt that God is weaving of my life. And while it all looks like a bit of chaos and un-ravelled bits, when you see the Creator’s side I am being made into something of Beauty, a true reflection of the Son. And that is where trust comes in. Knowing that as the Artist, as the Creator…each line of my life is gently threaded on the loom, and as the shuttle flies fast and furious in the rhythm of creating…I am being made new. I am seeing the image as if for the first time. I am catching a glimpse as I begin to move away from staring so intently at what I see as chaos, and begin to see moments where His hand was and is clearly at work…and will continue to craft me, shape me, encourage me…towards being His Masterpiece.


2 thoughts on “behind the loom

  1. Oh you are so sweet!!! 🙂 I LOVE this! Such a perfect picture (literally!) of how life looks to us… it is so hard to remember in all this chaos that God really is creating beauty 🙂 love your thoughts, friend

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