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Prompt: Small


I’m not sure at what point Lisa found out this wasn’t going to be a normal pregnancy.  Her baby was struggling and they would have to do surgery on it in-utero. She knew the risks and she knew the struggles what would plague her little one…but she believed in a great and powerful God and she said yes. She also found out that her precious little one had a serious syndrome that would affect her for the rest of her life after being born. She had known this for awhile. Early on in the pregnancy the option of terminating this little one’s life had been suggested by someone in the medical community who didn’t know much about Lisa and her husband’s beliefs or faith. The answer was immediately NO. They knew that their God could give and take away according to his will and desires, and they felt that this child was God’s gift to them as long as they were granted time with her.

She was born 9 months ago. She has spent the majority of her time in the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) in Sick Kids in Toronto. She had numerous surgeries and some of the best doctors and nurses taking care of her. She had people loving on her parents and siblings day and night. There were prayers going up every day all day for the strength of the family and healing in little Ava’s life…

The Lord gave them 9 months together. Little, sweet baby Ava has returned to the arms of Jesus today. She was on this earth to bring him glory. She was here to build a faith unlike I’ve rarely ever seen in her mom and dad. and others who loved her. She was here to bring smiles to her brother and sisters faces. She was hear to remind us of the amazing work of creation that God does when he knits together each of us in the womb.

She was most of all a reminder, that no matter how small, no matter how out of our hands a situation might be…He is holding it in His mighty and loving hands. He holds the universe in place. He knows our heart breaks, He knows our joys. He sent this precious gift to Lisa and Jason for this time…to show them Him heart, to have them know her heart and to able to know the love of this little girl.

As they held her in their arms, and surrendered her to the arms that loved her all along and knit her together in the perfection of her being (he knew her needs here on earth and crafted her as he saw fit)…their hearts are full of sorrow, and yet there is faith…and there is hope.

Because one day, small Ava…will be seen again. She and her family will be reunited in His presence and that my friends…is the hope we have, even in the midst of heartbreaking grief.

Five Minute Friday


6 thoughts on “Small – FMF

  1. My heart aches for your friends in their grief. Ava is whole and happy in the arms of the Lord, but those with empty arms here on earth are the ones struggling with pain and sorrow. I had a preemie who was in the hospital for three months and very ill, but he survived and is grown now. Still, I understand a little of their agony. they are in my prayers.

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