in a dark time


In the dark time, the eye begins to see… – Theodore Roethke

As the images flash unbidden across the screen of my mind
flickers of faces in pain, moments of horror
and I try to categorize
putting them into places that I might begin
to make sense of it all.

And I realize…that my vision is becoming blurry
My head is spinning and my mind is overwhelmed
I don’t have the ability
to begin to comprehend, to place, to ruminate…

because the horror is to great, the darkness is squeezing in
my peripheral vision is becoming clouded
moments I used to be able to see sideways into
are now stark black and white in my sight line
and I’m deer in the headlights stricken

because the areas that are clear
they are the ones that flicker in this darkness
that have emblazoned themselves
in my heart and my mind
these thoughts…they have searched for light
for that one flicker of hope
that will rekindle my mind’s eye

and yet…the searching seems in vain.

and yet there is clarity
in this black and white
because grey’s always got me
in a tizzy
right and wrong
good and bad
evil and angelic
all seems to be seperate

and yet when the horror goes beyond imagined
to a place you don’t want to even begin to place in your mind
and yet you know others lives there, others cry there, others writhe there

it goes deep
and your heart is steeled
and you find resolve
because you have a voice
and while it might be small
its strong
and while you have little light
at least you have a flame
and your eyes
they are clouded
but they can still see

so speak, light, look

and HOPE.



by Janel Andrews // AUG 28/2013


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