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Writing with Lisa-Jo and fellow writers for Five Minute Friday (yes, is Saturday, I know).

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Topic: Worship

We used to go to a cottage about 5 hours north of our house. We drove down a rocky road off the main road and down to a lovely place nestled next to a cove off a lake. Every year for about 12 years we spent the last 2 weeks of August in this beautiful place. There were five cottages and several of us spent these summers together. In the early morning or in the afternoon when some of the kids had gone off to explore, I’d make my way down to the dock and sit on the edge and listen to the waves gently touch the shore, the boat creak against the dock and the sounds of the pines moving above me.  I would look out on the water and just  breathe deep of the peace of that place. Sometimes I would bring my bible and do my devotions and other times I’d bring a book I was in the midst of. I didn’t get too far in my reading though before I was distracted by the beauty around me.

and I found in those moments, in that quiet, in that fresh air and beaming sun…it was so easy to find worship for God. To declare the wonder of His creation, to see the way He gently cared for all of creation around me, how clearly this world couldn’t have just been made out of a big bang, but has such clear artistic plan. And I breathed deep and whispered ‘thank you Lord’ into the quiet. And my heart was at peace.

– – –

In 1999 I attended a conference called Urbana. A huge gathering of young people that gets together to learn about missions and to just be united in one place learning about God and his work in people’s lives. It was a beautiful experience and one that I”m not sure could ever be recreated. It takes place the 27th of December to the 1st of January. On December 31st at midnight we sang praises to our Lord and had communion together, thousands of young people in one place in unified praise and worship of our Lord. and tears ran down my cheecks, my hands raised of their own accord and for one moment I felt I saw and felt and heard just a piece of what heaven’s glorious praise of our Lord for eternity might look like, sound like, be like…yet I know its beyond my wildest imagination

– – – –

Both such different places and yet places that both turned my heart towards the Lord and giving him the Awe and esteem he deserves.
Five Minute Friday


3 thoughts on “FMF – Worship

  1. I love the peace that comes with sitting on a dock by a lake or somewhere where it is still and there aren’t a thousand things pulling on me. Worship comes so much more easily in those times. That Urbana meeting sounds like it was a wonderful, refreshing experience. Thank you for sharing. So glad I stopped in from FMF and (in)courage.
    ~Sarah from

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