whose it for anyway

when you write to have your voice heard
and all that echoes in your songs on the wind
you realize that the words poured out
were meant for your own healing and thought
and whether you write them for others to see or just
for your future memory
you wrote to speak truth, to remember
that each spark of something leads to lightening
a bright burst of recognition
and you begin to see the moments lighting up
see them connecting together
drawing your eyes away from self
looking upward to the dawn, to the sunset
knowing that in the change of days
more moments will alight upon your shoulder
in your mind, filling your eyes
and you will know that the words you spread
deep in morter fast and let the light shine on
are being forever embedded in memories
hidden chambers
to be tasted like morsels
when despair and fear come to call
and you see the truth written out
etched in skin deep moments
and writing that once graced a page
and your heart was turned 
from it being a message to share with the world
to being a quiet whisper from HIs heart
to yours


by Janel Andrews   Sept 3, 2013


One thought on “whose it for anyway

  1. Your words here are…poetic and beautiful. I often start out writing something that is purposed for someone else. Yet when I go back and read them, they speak to ME! The written word is so very powerful indeed. I truly didn’t understand that until I started writing. Thanks for sharing. I loved this!

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