on that bench

chairsI still remember it so clearly
we sat together yet removed
on that bench

hard words were spoken
hearts were bared
on that bench

gasping for air, tears streaming down
I wished it wasn’t so
on that bench

You fought to understand
to know this wasn’t rejection of you
on that bench

and as my words fell unheard
and your pain fell silent down your cheeks
on that bench

walking by today
it looks so normal
that bench

but it holds our dashed dreams
its absorbed the tears that bled from hurt hearts
that bench

it knows, it remembers
it holds our secrets close and hidden
that bench


Janel Andrews // Sept 7/2013


2 thoughts on “on that bench

  1. beautiful. and i FELT this.
    there are those places for us all that cause memories to come flooding in~
    those places we learn and grow and hopefully walk away stronger than before.

  2. I like this poem. I was driving tonight and thinking how songs hold moments and time together for me. (I never sign up to do comments, but this poem just struck me so clear and true, that I had to write to you.)

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