Several months ago, a customer who I saw every week came through my drive-thru and gave me her business card. She told me she had a business opportunity that she thought I’d be great at and asked me to get in touch with her. I thought it sounded a little sketchy but I was inspired that she thought that I had such great customer service that she would ask me about something she’s involved in.

A week later I got together with her at McDonald’s for breakfast. It turns out that she sells Arbonne. So it wasn’t as sketchy as I thought. I have heard of the product so it wasn’t’ entirely new to me, but I hadn’t really heard about it in six years so I let her talk about it to me. She invited me to try some of the product (which is how they do some of their sales) and then I got it back to her. It turned out that what she shared with me was the most expensive line that they have. (of course) She presented the opportunity for me to sell the product and I told her that I had a lot on my plate and I wasn’t going to have an answer for her until after October and the trip to Texas.

I was seriously considering adding it into my routine. Seeing how I could work it into my time off. I realized as of the end of September however, that I had already committed myself to far too much, and really wasn’t going at anything 100% except for work. I attended two meetings with her, one that was just someone sharing the product and the other was a district meeting where they had little seminars on business stuff which was fascinating and gave out awards to people who had achieved certain things in the business.

The first meeting I went to, I walked in and was greeted by several wonderful genuine women. I felt a kinship and my heart thought, God has spoken to my heart about connecting with women, I wonder if this is one of the possibilities he has provided. It was refreshing to spend a night with 10 self-employed business woman who had nothing but good things to say about each other, and even others who are involved in the program in other cities. It was so refreshing to see them commending each other’s abilities and strengths, and encouraging through fears and weakness. Made me wish that I found more places focused on Christ that mirrored the same thing.

The second meeting I attended, in talking to one of the Executive Managers I mentioned that i was going to Texas and that I knew some people and that i was going to be at a conference. She said you are pretty much set up for a group of people to connect with. And i thought about it and got a bit excited. I had an hour drive home from the meeting, and as I thought about it, my heart started to feel in turmoil.

yes, if I took this on…I would be making more money. I would have some serious tax benefits. I would work with a great group of people. But I felt that a lot of what was driving most of the people was obtaining MORE…and that hasn’t really been something that has driven me. I do obtain things and sometimes want something different then I have, but having EXCESS isn’t something that I want to work towards. One of the rewards of moving up in the company is a white Mercedes and I was thinking to myself, ‘What on EARTH would I do with one of those?!?!’ A benefit of having the extra money would be to save for retirement as well as have money to go towards things that are being done around the world that I want to support.

I thought about it for a week and really struggled with what my motives would be for selling it (I wasn’t sold on all of the products, though the company does sound good)…so I told her that most likely I wouldn’t sell it but probably buy it.

I haven’t really been in touch since because I was so busy moving into my new role at Starbucks and then heading to Texas. I am still okay with the conclusion that at this point I don’t think that selling this product is for me. I am thankful that my customer service was acknowledged, and that I could see that there are some sisterhoods out there that are not Christ based but full of women who are building each other up in what seems like a genuine manner.


Today I attended a wedding…and to be honest I hadn’t a clue why I was there.

Last year I received a notification on Facebook that my friend has asked his girlfriend of several years to marry him. I expressed my congratulations. To be honest, I use the term friend loosely. We had been best friend’s growing up…during my teenage years, but in the past five years we’d really all grown apart. There were five of us that hung out during those teen years, two girls (Meaghan and I) and the three guys (Jon, Scott and Gerard)

340466_10150398390343846_642331275_o(Jon, Alan, Meaghan, Scott, Gerard and I)

I really don’t remember how they came into my life, but I think that Youth for Christ might have had something to do with it. We attended on Friday nights and both Gerard and Scott were friends of a leader there who also was a youth leader. THey ended up attending our youth group. Through a series of events we all became a tight knit group, which others entered and left, but which we remained much of the core.

I have struggled with self worth for as long as I can remember, and I always struggled with ‘being on the outside’ of groups. I always felt that I was just invited along to things because people felt badly for me not because they wanted me there. But something with these three guys was genuine, and though I still struggled with them actually wanting to be part of my life, I’d say they were definitely a God send in my life.

I had my first boyfriend when I was 18…I didn’t spend much time with these three and it was a very painful lesson when I broke up with that boyfriend that I had to earn my friend’s back. I had done a really good job of dumping them, so it was totally warranted.

I’m not sure when the last time was that we were together, but I remember feeling like our paths were so different, I just didn’t connect with them anymore. Two of them got married in the past years, one got divorced. And our lives all went separate ways.

Today as I saw them line up and await the coming bride, I saw a friendship that has stood the test of time (i know that they still spend alot of time together) and I realized what I had missed out on by letting those friendships go. My heart clenched and I regretted my ability to just walk away from people, instead of trying to make things work. These three tremendous men stood together today as one of them pledged their love to his dear now wife.

And I was blessed to be present. He didn’t have to invite me. He chose to. He remembered those times. And that is why I was asked to go, and that is what I learned when I went. I was blessed beyond measure, and here was someone who looked beyond my turning my back on friendship to remember our dear friendship and allowed me to be part of this day. I am humbled and grateful.


(The three men today – Pastor Darin D, Gerard, Jon and Scott)


FMF – Write

joining up with Lisa-Jo Baker and friends for a “one-word-prompt, five-minute-writing” extravaganza!

Writing for five minutes on a specific topic, letting go of criticism and editing and just WRITING what our heart speaks onto paper. Make sure to journey to the link up and read some of the other writing and comment to encourage your fellow journeyer

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TOPIC: Write

I have always loved to write…since I could put a pencil in my hands. My love of writing came from my love of reading, my love of words. Even to this day I seem to have a large group of words in my head as a result of reading. The only reason I know that not everyone has this same group of words is that I sometimes use them in conversation and end up having people look strangely at me without comprehension.

I hope that my writing is not like that. I always strive to express exactly what I think about something. Sometimes it takes me some time to find just the right words. When I write poetry (often free verse) I don’t really think and ponder each word, I just write. And i’m okay with that. But when it is something specific that I know that others are going to peruse I am careful to use the best word to express what I’m trying to say.

I have ventured into writing the first couple pages of a story…but I’m more of a reader in this season than a writer. However, I know many amazing people who are having their books published and who I get the privilege of reading. I am so excited. So many things to learn and to process.

The writing that I most resonate with and admire most is something that gets down to the heart of the matter, that brings me into the text and has me deeply involved in what is taking place. Whether it is a personal memoir, an inspiring journey or simply  a novel, it is so important for me to connect with the writing. There is nothing that resonates with me more than raw, vulnerable and real.

Lately I have not written much. There is much that is stopped up within me. Things that I can’t seem to begin to get down on the page. It has been a struggle to even think of something to write, and so I don’t. But I was incredibly moved and inspired by SheLoves link up last week and so I participated and wrestled with that entry.

I was blessed to be asked by a friend to contribute to a discussion on Creativity and I was excited and honored to do it. But as I started to write the piece is began to be a frustrating journey because I wasn’t satisfied with anything less than perfect. I soon came to realize that while I loved the series and those who contributed, the fear of comparison and lack of skill kept my mouth stopped up and my fingers loose.


Five Minute Friday