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joining up with Lisa-Jo Baker and friends for a “one-word-prompt, five-minute-writing” extravaganza!

Writing for five minutes on a specific topic, letting go of criticism and editing and just WRITING what our heart speaks onto paper. Make sure to journey to the link up and read some of the other writing and comment to encourage your fellow journeyer

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TOPIC: Write

I have always loved to write…since I could put a pencil in my hands. My love of writing came from my love of reading, my love of words. Even to this day I seem to have a large group of words in my head as a result of reading. The only reason I know that not everyone has this same group of words is that I sometimes use them in conversation and end up having people look strangely at me without comprehension.

I hope that my writing is not like that. I always strive to express exactly what I think about something. Sometimes it takes me some time to find just the right words. When I write poetry (often free verse) I don’t really think and ponder each word, I just write. And i’m okay with that. But when it is something specific that I know that others are going to peruse I am careful to use the best word to express what I’m trying to say.

I have ventured into writing the first couple pages of a story…but I’m more of a reader in this season than a writer. However, I know many amazing people who are having their books published and who I get the privilege of reading. I am so excited. So many things to learn and to process.

The writing that I most resonate with and admire most is something that gets down to the heart of the matter, that brings me into the text and has me deeply involved in what is taking place. Whether it is a personal memoir, an inspiring journey or simply  a novel, it is so important for me to connect with the writing. There is nothing that resonates with me more than raw, vulnerable and real.

Lately I have not written much. There is much that is stopped up within me. Things that I can’t seem to begin to get down on the page. It has been a struggle to even think of something to write, and so I don’t. But I was incredibly moved and inspired by SheLoves link up last week and so I participated and wrestled with that entry.

I was blessed to be asked by a friend to contribute to a discussion on Creativity and I was excited and honored to do it. But as I started to write the piece is began to be a frustrating journey because I wasn’t satisfied with anything less than perfect. I soon came to realize that while I loved the series and those who contributed, the fear of comparison and lack of skill kept my mouth stopped up and my fingers loose.


Five Minute Friday


4 thoughts on “FMF – Write

  1. “There is nothing that resonates with me more than raw, vulnerable and real.” Oh yes, I so agree! When we strip away who we are, or what we think we know, and let Him work.

  2. We live in an imperfect world, and we ourselves are imperfect also. Writing doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be you. If you put your heart into your writing, then it is good; don’t worry about comparisons, just have confidence and know you’re writing from the heart.

  3. i feel i have a bunch of words constantly swirling in my head too! i get this post. the fear of comparison and lack of skill.. yep. if we let it it will silence us! gotta trust that God gave us all the words HE wants us to share w/ others – whether big or small or poetry or memoirs or encouragement to those around. satan wants to shut our mouths, our pens, our fingers on the keyboard :)) up tight.. God wants us to look to Him and just let that be what flows out!!! still so much learning that. i’m with ya, sister!

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