“The fact that you’re standing here today with breath in your lungs testifies that God has a plan and purpose for you on this earth.”
~ Susie Larson. Your Beautiful Purpose: Discovering and Enjoying What God Can Do Through You 

fresh dirt, formed from the Word
spoken into existence
once vapour, now tangible
and it lies dark, fertile, waiting

and with His breathe
this Word, speaks life
and bends down with Spirit hands
molding in His image
a form of unique stature
and with love unknown previously
and grace for the future
one breathe
God’s breathe
fills this creature
and man is alive.

Moment by moment
our heart beats rhythm
our blood flows, bones hold steady
and our lungs fill and release
so often, i take this
for granted

The breathe breathed in me
my feet steady upon this earth
my life blood still flowing,
it is HIS grace and  nothing more

I have been created.
I am His and His alone
every moment of my life
the breathe he poured into me
has been ordained

and I take it all for granted.




by Janel Andrews // Dec1/2013


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