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Linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five-Minute Friday…writing for five minutes on a topic with no self-editing, just pouring pieces of heart moments on the page. Don’t forget to link up on the page and comment on some of the beautiful moments that others share.


I am heading North today to visit a friend from Bible College days. Back in November when I planned this trip, it wasn’t all snowy out and we certainly hadn’t had the freezing spells that the past couple of weeks have afforded us. So this week has made me think ‘what was I thinking?’

But honestly, the weather and the cold…they pale in comparison to the beauty of the visiting with heart friends, for hard life moments and conviction and shared stories all pile out on the floor in conversation and we revel over a cup of hot tea, and lingering in the moments together.

A warm bed awaits, the quiet of the property and the lakeside view all wait for me. And I knew that i’d need this soul rest and at that time in November I didn’t know what would be on my mind and heart. I just knew that time to get away, to hunker down, to just BE in the quiet was so necessary for soul refreshment.

And so today I head out…this journey looks a little different then I imagined and yet, it will be just what is necessary for where I find myself. Things to be prayed about this weekend, words to be sought, the WORD to be read, the Lord to be conversed with in a place of way less stimulation and distraction….and over all hopefully both soul and body rest.

Sometimes there are people who after spending time in their presence you have a sense of soul rest, and ideas and things being heavy on your heart being laid out before the throne, prayed about by fellow warriors, and come along-siders and you just know that this is where He would have you at this time, as you seek Him and his face. So thankful that I live in a place that I can travel like this, that I can spend time with dear friends, that I am able to take time off from work. It is truly a blessed time.



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